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Avant-Cards by Tom Gagnon
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Avant-Cards by Tom Gagnon

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Written by Wesley James, edited by Matthew Field, and Illustrated by Tom Gagnon, this hardcover, oversize book, contains 214 pages, 63 items, and 568 stunning illustrations.

Randy Wakeman: "Performers in the know salivate whenever Tom, or one of his pieces of magic, appears, and with good reason. The high quality of Tom's magic is patently obvious, as it takes only a brief glance to appreciate that these gems were developed from tireless experimentation and effort. With every Gagnon contribution, the precious arsenal of secrets and techniques we hold so dear is enriched."

Ron Bauer: "Tom Gagnon is beyond a card expert. He's a complete cardician.

Jon Racherbaumer: "Tom Gagnon is an artist, detailist, and vitalist. More significantly, he knows how to apply what he creates. Like Vernon and Marlo, he embraces the delivery that dances in the 'details.' He Knows that refinements and finesses are responsible for what virtually happens when 'magic' occurs. His new book provides context for these details by dint of his meticulous drawing and his rarified explanations. So, be prepared to have your consciousness raised. How you think spreading, dealing, and controlling cards will never be the same. "

Steve Beam: "Frequently when creating magic, I come across a fork in the road. I tend to take the road less traveled...only to find that Tom has already been there, wiped the place clean, and left few rocks for the rest of us."

Harvey Rosenthal: "Tom Gagnon is one of the finest and most original cardmen I have ever seen. His cardwork is in a class by itself. He has broken new ground that will excite anyone serious about card magic. It is a must have publication. Avant-Cards is going to become a classic and no doubt it will be considered the finest magic book to come out in 2011."

David Solomon: "The Versatile Spread Control is one of the devilish ways to force or place a card. Once you learn the control, you will find that you can do some of the most fooling card magic imaginable. "

Matthew Field: "I've edited many magic books, but Tom Gagnon's Tabled Spread Pass impresses me as startlingly original and amazingly utilitarian for the serious card worker. It enables miracles while appearing to be the most innocent action."

Chuck Romano�The Art of Deception: "It has been said that paging through a book illustrated by Tom Gagnon is like perusing a magical photo album. Each of the illustrations is like a snapshot that captures the true essence of a magical effect. Gagnon's ground-breaking use of shadows in his illustrations, attention to detail, and overall dedication to his craft has earned him the reputation as one of magic's most sought after illustrators."

Harry Riser: "Tom Gagnon has always been at the forefront of innovative magic. His approach to the most unusual methods is well known throughout magic."

Vic Trabucco: "I first met Tom many years ago at one of the early Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic and have always admired his work and to say that he thinks out of the box is an understatement. He is a true creator, an original with a list of gems that will arm the magician with weapons that will serve you for years to come! And you can be sure that all his material has been explored from top to bottom and inside out, to yield the very best version. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the genius of Tom Gagnon."

Simon Lovell: "Tom is one of the most cunning sleight-of-hand performers that I know. He consistently fools the heck out of me with his devious magic and moves. His 'Lateral Bottom Deal' alone is worth the price of this great book."