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Wonderrings DVD

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This is not just a trick, but a complete little magic act -- an act that, without exaggeration, puts all the other tricks of its type in the shade.

The magician allows the audience to examine 3 large metal rings, a smaller ring, a white rope and a red piece of cord. He then strings one of the larger rings on the rope, doubles it up, puts the smaller ring on it, then puts the second ring on the rope as well. Someone from the audience can then tie the rope ends firmly together.

The magician then takes one of the larger rings in each hand so that the rope is stretched doubled between his hands. The smaller ring is in the middle. Under normal human standards, it would be impossible to release them without untying the cord.
The magician now lets someone from the audience string the red cord through the smaller ring and then hold the cord. Suddenly there is a jerk, and the person is holding the cord with the ring hanging from it. The small ring has visibly passed through the rope!

Please don't confuse this effect DISK-OFF (Massey). DISK-OFF uses a disc with a slit in it. Dijkman's Wonder Rings uses ONLY CLOSED RINGS, rings that are big enough to be clearly seen even when performing the effect stand-up or on a small stage.

The magician unties the knot and takes one of the rings from the rope. He then strings BOTH ends through the ring and lets it fall ON the ring hanging below. He takes the third large ring and strings it on the doubled rope the same way. The two rings cannot fall from the rope because a ring is already on the rope, blocking from the bottom. Nevertheless, the magician jerks his hand just once, and a ring falls from the rope, visibly passing through the blocking ring! Another jerk, and the second ring falls off as well. This effect is so effective, so absolutely "magical", that it really cannot be described in words. The ring passing over the other is completely visible!

The performer again takes the two rings and strings them on the white rope once again. Another jerk, and BOTH rings pass through the blocking ring together!

Now the magician takes just one ring and strings it on the rope. He covers it with his hand, and when he takes his hand away the ring is gone! He can immediately show that both hands are completely empty. He then puts his hand into his jacket pocket and pulls out the missing ring. All of the rings, the rope and the cord can then be inspected once again!

It is really an unbelievably successful effect! But you will also definitely develop some other effects with K. Dijkman's Wonder Rings yourself, when you possess the proper equipment and know the secret of the trick. We would also like to mention that no great sleight of hand dexterity is needed to perform the trick!

DVD only. Other props available seperately.

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