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John Carney: The Master Sessions DVD Set

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John Carney: The Master Sessions DVD Set


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It’s a solitary art. Most magicians learn their techniques by themselves, in front of a mirror. They never have the benefit of personal instruction from an expert, or the thinking behind expert routines. That’s why great magicians credit the influential teachers in magic. It’s not about just instruction, but inspiration.

John Carney has earned a renowned reputation — including the recognition and respect of professionals and sleight-of-hand fans around the world. We recently watched him dazzle a small group of experienced magicians: first with an intricate routine, and then with a detailed explanation of each move and his thinking behind it. Over the course of his books, workshops, lectures and performances, there’s no question that John is the “real thing.” If you’ve seen John work, you know that his skill allows him to diagnose and perfectly integrate sleights, resulting in (seemingly) effortless presentations. With a conversational approach, John explains exactly what’s necessary, what isn’t, and how magic can always be made better. John makes great magic. And he helps other people perform great magic.


When we started talking about a DVD project, John had his doubts. He has strong feelings about why video is a good at certain things, but bad at others. Typically, his insights made the project more innovative. We were challenged to incorporate his ideas, and the result, we’re proud to say, is nothing short of remarkable. The “Master Sessions.” Imagine sessioning with John. He shares his thoughts about several routines. He offers some simpler effects as well as “knuckle-busting” sleight-of-hand. More important, he explains the thinking behind every aspect of the routines. John’s known for his detailed analysis, and his improvements for professional routines. He chats about his approach to magic and offers insights into your own magic. For over an hour, John shows you the “real thing,” and gives you some real things to think about.


If it sounds like a rare opportunity to experience a master class, that’s exactly what it is. And it’s now possible through the medium of video. John Carney picked the subjects, a deliberate mix of card, coin, and small prop effects that will always give you varied instructions and inspirations. Almost none of this material has appeared on video before; many of the routines have never appeared in print. You can get to know John, get to know his magic, and make your own magic better. These “Master Sessions” are not just steps up the ladder, but an opportunity to take quantum leaps. It is the “real thing.”


We knew that this project called for a different approach. We didn’t want a lecture on a disc, or mere lessons, with one trick after another. We needed expert camera work, professional editing and state-of-the-art production. And we’ve got it. Producer Frankie Glass (who has produced A&E Biography documentaries, science specials for Nova, and magic televison shows, including the innovative “Secret Cabaret”) started from scratch. The videos are produced in Hollywood, like television specials. The result is a DVD that you’ll be thrilled to watch, and happy to watch over and over again. Jim Steinmeyer, magic author and television producer, has developed the final product.


And finally, here’s the best part. Like an old friend, John comes back again (with another DVD) and another completely new session in the spring. More magic, more inspiration. In fact, he’s back again and again: a total of four separate DVDs. It’s a full year of sessions, and expert magic. You’ll have four sessions — four DVDs of personal instructions for dozens of effects — with a renowned magician, one of the great innovators of sleight-of-hand.


Is it worth it to you? Are you interested in taking the next step with close-up? Could you benefit from time with a great sleight-of-hand artist? Or just ask yourself: Are you serious about improving your magic? A GREAT OFFER...“The Master Sessions” consists of four separate DVD sessions, each over an hour in length. The first disc, Winter, is mailed to you in December, with a beautifully printed collector’s case to hold all four discs. Then, another disc follows every season (every three months). It’s a very special type of subscription. You’re guaranteed four discs, four incredible sessions. You cannot buy these DVDs separately. They are only sold as a set, and will be distributed as they are completed. The price is $125 for the four-disc collector’s case, and all four discs. All postage is included. (Please check this website for international postage.) It’s an amazing price for an amazing mixture of inspiring magic. In fact, over the next year, you might pay that much for just three or four individual trick DVDs. John’s goal has been to keep the quality of the material high, the quality of the production high, and the price low, so magicians can benefit from these sessions. We can do that because these discs are only available through our website.

Here's what you get on each disc...

  • The Master Sessions Disc 1 (Winter)
    • Exchanged, Expanded and Extracted
    • Is That a Real Mouse?
    • Coins in the Mist
    • Off Ring
    • Current Classic
    • Versa Visa
  • The Master Sessions Disc 2 (Spring)
    • Four Gone
    • Four Gone Extra Tips
    • Carneydo: Karate Coin
    • Ambitious Aces
    • Matchless
    • Slow-Mo Coins
  • The Master Sessions Disc 3 (Summer)
    • Cards Undercover
    • Revanishing
    • Crystal Flash
    • Hot Slot
    • In Hands Monte
  • The Master Sessions Disc 4 (Fall)
    • Swingblade
    • Muscade Magic
    • Foote Forward Rise
    • Coins, Here to There
    • Table of Contents (For All 4 DVDs)

Each disc offers over an hour of John's lessons in magic, with inside tips, practical routines, and masterful touches on audience handling. Together these four DVDs contain classic, modern, entertaining magic that you'll use over and over again.



Some questions and some answers:

What’s on “The Master Sessions?”
John has deliberately made each session a mixture of material. Almost all of it is close-up, with cards, coins or small objects. There’s plenty of sleight-of-hand, but also simpler routines taught with the important tips and touches. John also “visits” with you, discussing some approaches or attitudes towards magic.

What if I'm not interested in difficult sleight of hand routines?
We actually think that anyone interested in magic will benefit from these examples of routine, sleights and psychology. They're lessons for any magician. And John is well-known for his ability to negotiate tough sleights with ease and artistry. But there are always easier routines included, so you have something to think about and work on right away. Those of you who are serious about their sleight-of-hand will find plenty of inspiration here. But John has never considered himself a "hard core sleight" fellow. His goal is great magic, using a variety of techniques.

Is this material from John's books?
Only a few of these pieces have appeared in John's books. Almost none of the effects have been on John's videos before.



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