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Solomon's Mind - DVD

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Solomon's Mind - DVD
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Solomon's Mind - DVD


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For almost two decades David Solomon was privileged to be part of the "Inner Circle" of card magic which surrounded the legendary figure of Edward Marlo, which included such respected names as Simon Aronson, Steve Draun and Bill Malone. Though Marlo was a notoriously private man, David became one of his closest confidants. Studying with Marlo, David developed an understanding of his methods, techniques and overall approach to card magic and that understanding is apparent in the 13 complete card effects contained on this DVD.

The beginner will find material requiring minimal skill, while the seasoned expert will also find routines employing more advanced techniques. In every case, the result is card magic which delivers amazement. Contains:
  • Four the Hard Way - A great impromptu twisting effect where the Ace, Two, Three and Four each turn over one at a time in a packet of four cards. To finish, these cards magically become the four Aces and the "Four" completely vanishes before reappearing in the center of the deck, face-up.
  • Three Indicators - Three face-down cards are placed on the table as a prediction. Two spectators select cards and the three predictions are show to be the remaining three-of-a-kind which match the first selection! What would have happened had the other card been chosen? The answer becomes apparent when the magician's three cards change again into the other card's matching three-of-a-kind! You have to see this one to believe it.
  • Business Card Prediction - From a shuffled deck, six cards are selected at random. Through the process of elimination the spectator selects one card. You reveal that their selection matches a prediction printed on your business card, which has been sitting in full view throughout. A very commercial effect (and a great excuse to give away your business card).
  • Double Surprise Rising Card - Two selected cards rise from the deck at the performer's command! The most practical way to make cards rise, with no thread to break or magnets to keep away from your credit cards and the deck can be used before and after for other effects.
  • No Palm Cards Across - This is it, the classic Cards Across with no palming!
  • Technicolor Oil and Water - Ricky Jay called this the most visual Oil and Water ever created using red and blue-backed cards. Ed Marlo would have loved this solution!
  • Cannibals - David's fooling and very funny version of the Cannibal card plot in which two Kings magically "eat" several other cards. The stunning climax to this entertaining effect was worked out with the brilliant help of Edward Marlo.
  • Full-Face Universal Card - David's favorite card effect, the Universal card (a Joker) magically changes three times to match each of three selected cards. At the climax, the Universal card transforms to a card which has all of the elements (pips and suits) from the deck!
  • Very Dicey - A card is selected and lost in the deck. Two spectators each throw a pair of dice and the resulting number thrown is counted down in the deck by the magician. This card is placed under the dice. The magician makes a fancy cut of cards leaving a packet on the table. Maybe he was just lucky that the first card matches the number on the dice. It is improbable when the second number matches, but it must be destiny when the numbers thrown on the dice are added and the packet that the magician cut has exactly that number of cards! The last card dealt is the spectator's selection!
  • Printing on Demand - Four blank-backed Jokers are magically printed with multi-color backs. After all four backs are printed, the Joker faces vanish only to appear on a card placed aside before the effect even started! An easy to perform, visual gem.
  • Mexican Poker, Diamond Cut Diamond and Odd Back Aces to the Fourth Power
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