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montecollageCustom Magic and Premiums
FUN Inc. can Enhance Your
Business With Magic!

Handing out your message with a touch of magic makes an indelible impression. Perhaps that’s why magicians, more than every other sales tool (aside from product demonstration) are used on tradeshow floors around the world as spokesmen.

FUN Inc. is the largest producer of custom magic in the world. Hundreds of thousands of custom magic tricks and sets are manufactured in the FUN factory each year.

Need a product that entertains, amazes and at the same time gets your message across? FUN Inc. products are the answer.

What are your options?

  • Custom Imprinted Magic Tricks and Novelties
  • Custom Packaging/Private Labeling
  • Custom Magic Sets

Contact us for further information, and a quote!

Custom Imprinted Magic Tricks and Novelties

Nearly any item in the Royal Magic line can be customized to fit your needs. Over the last 28 years, countless millions of tricks have been produced by FUN Inc. for a wide variety of domestic and international corporations, individuals and organizations.

custommonteThree Card Monte: The most popular magic trick in FUN's line of premiums is the Three Card Monte. In effect, the center, red card, changes into one with your customized logo on it.

crystalboxtCrystal Puzzle Box: As much a magic trick as it is a puzzle, this ingenious box will keep people talking. Though apparently impossible to open, inside this box can be placed any one of a number of incentive items, from business cards and vital information to candy or prizes. It’s easy for those that know the secret! Easily imprintable with ink, or can be engraved with your logo for a nominal fee, making a fascinating, attention-grabbing souvenir.

magblockstMagical Block: Magically change a penny into a dime, all with the power of your logo! The magical block is a simple, effective and eye-popping trick. Your logo or information can be screened on the back of this product.

wandMagic Wands: Ideal way to instantly represent yourself or your product as something magical!

numbermysterytNumber Mystery: Instantly divine a birthday, the spectator’s age, or any other thought of number! Easy to do. Your logo is easily integrated into this easy, amazing trick.

cardcasetMiracle Card Case: This device allows you to change one object for another, or cause messages to appear like magic. Imprinted on two sides with your logo.

tvboxtTel-A-Vision Box: A mind reading effect. Spectator selects their favorite color of six on a plastic cube (one color on each face). The cube is sealed inside the Tel-A-Vision Box. The magician instantly knows which color was selected! Box or cube can be customized.


Vinyl Card Wallet: A personalized accessory for your customized Three Card Monte or for business cards.

Custom Novelties: FUN Inc. produces a wide range of novelties, including Spectaculars (Jumbo Sunglasses), Chattering Teeth, and Super Toothbrushes. These items can be easily imprinted with a logo, making for conversation-starting premiums.

Make your next event special, magic and memorable. Contact FUN Incorporated for further details. Call 1-877-4-FUN-INC.

Basic Customized Magic Sets: Creating your own, customized magic set is easy!

FUN Incorporated offers several economical options for businesses and performers wishing to sell their own customized magic sets.

FUN’s perenially popular magic sets, the FM-240, FM-540 and FM-640 can all easily be customized with your company information, picture, logo and artwork.


Above is an example of simple customization (the FM-240 is pictured). You provide us with the finished, printed artwork. We provide the magic sets, and take care of the details: affix your art to the boxes shrink wrap each set individually, and ship them to your point of sale or distribution.

fun-inc-invisible-threads-custom-shirtsThis method of customization offers several advantages: low minimum quantities, fast turnaround times, proven product mix and competetive pricing.


Custom Apparel:

*NEW* We now offer custom apparel printing and private labeling.  Contact us for info!



Other Options:

FUN Inc. can also create entirely customized magic sets and gift boxes to meet your requirements. We can assist in every stage of product development, from selection and creation of customized content to graphic design and distribution. Please call us or write to info@funinc.com for further details.

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